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In this section you can find Bike tips about maintenance, riding, safety, weather condition and much more. Please check latest tips.

23 February 2017

How to repair a flat tire

Step-by-step guide to repairing a punctured bike inner tube

No matter how often or how little you ride your bike, a puncture is pretty much guaranteed. Thankfully, they’re really easy to repair and with this guide we’ll get you back on the saddle in no time!

What do I need?

  • Bike pump
  • Repair kit
  • Tyre levers

Part 1 – Taking out the inner tube

Part2 – Repairing the puncture

Top tips!

23 February 2017

How to lock your bike and prevent bike theft

We are currently closed for winter season!

If you suffer a breakdown to your bicycle whilst out cycling, our 24-hour recovery team is on hand to arrange transport for you and your bicycle back to a safe location. We’ll take you to the nearest repair shop, railway station.

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